What is Group Therapy

Therapy Groups offer a vehicle to heal in relationships. We all have a style of relating and often times our story has developed  a certain style that keeps us from experiencing a fuller / deeper intimacy with others. Groups enable the opportunity to experience deeper relationships but on your own terms. Group essentially is a bridge between individual therapy and couples counseling. The benefit to groups is that our relationship style is easier to see and learn from being in a group. The purpose of the group is  an invitation to you to be as you are. 

The Communal Aspect

We are made for community. We need others in order to thrive. A little known fact is that Aspen trees are the largest living organism in the world. This is because Aspen trees are also apart of a grove (i.e. community). They share one root system that provides a greater amount of safety, security and community. We also are made for connection and the primarily vehicle is through shared emotional experiences. The word emotion in Latin means "to move". We cannot help but move when we hear others stories. Healing happens through others. Our greatest distress often comes when we are alone and feel a sense of being alone.

The Process 

Groups are designed around a therapeutic process called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This process is designed to help with struggles such as addiction, betrayal etc. We act out because we have been hurt relationally therefore we disconnect. The entire focus is to foster re-connection through relationship. Our group intention is to never diagnosis or label you thus defining you. Rather, group is about allowing you to be as you are. Problems in our lives do arise and this is a setting to be able to not just talk about the process but to foster a deeper connection with oneself and others. The research with EFT has found that relational connection / attachment is what brings about change.

"Come As You Are and Be As You Are"